Ever have one of those moments when you are back in time? Last night I did. I was invited to the Auburn Hills Boy’s and Girl’s Club to see their Leadership Awards ceremony. I was able to take two of my daughters and walk the halls of my childhood. So many memories. I remember walking [...]

Awards Night

Last night I was able to attend the 47th annual Avondale Youth Assistance award night. This was a really neat event for several reasons. It is always energizing to see youth gathered with their parents, grandparents or other supportive adults. The volunteers of the youth assistance team are also always awesome and inspiring for their [...]

Speak up!

Today was the annual Auburn Hills Morning Optimist Club Oratorical Contest. Six young men did very well speaking about their passions. These are some of the best meetings as these young men (I think the women are next week) have such a positive outlook and such potential. This event gives these folks public speaking experience [...]


Today is March 5th.  If that does not ring a bell with you, five people died on March 5th. In 1773 it was referred to as “The Bloody Massacre in King Street.” Mr. Patrick Carr was one victim. He was a leather worker and also an Irish immigrant. He died two weeks later. Mr. Samuel Maverick [...]

Changes in the weather

It is that time of year where we go through some changes, and this week will illustrate that the climate changes all the time. We issued a snow emergency for certain areas of our community for tonight as we are told we will get from 3 to 6 inches of snow, staring sometime in the [...]

Speak Truth to Power

  I was reading a paper written in 1955 called Speak Truth to Power, a Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence.  It was written pre United Nations, attempting to lay the ground work for international relations.   It has kind of been a theme throughout human history, that those who gain positions of power [...]


  In the life of a city manager you get to look at a lot of numbers, statistics and percentages. Sometimes we are measuring things, sometimes looking for trends and other times looking to verify success or failure of designs or programs. How we move traffic is one of those areas where we try to [...]

Enjoy the music before it is too late

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger I hate to say it but before you know it summer will be over and, like me, you will have wished that you took the time to attend one of our famous Friday Nights Downtown Music Series at our beautiful Riverside Park. We have this month left to [...]

Manager Meetings

Last week I was able to meet with several city managers across the state. We spoke a lot about collaboration, what is working, what is not. It might not be popular, but some collaboration is not more efficient or more cost effective. We looked at “1 Kent”, a bold process where Kent County looked at [...]

The Senior Home Assistance Repair Program Wants You!

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger Imagine this….your children have grown up and moved away from home. They have families of their own with busy schedules. You may live far apart and visits are not as often as you hope for. When they do have time to visit, you don’t want to bother [...]

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