Planning for a mess

I know I have touched on this before, but we want to keep an upcoming traffic issue in front of you. We just had a meeting with MDOT and the engineers this week about the University bridge project over I-75. The designs have to be finished up by the end of June so things have [...]

On The Road Again

No, not traveling, but another blog about roads. We have been planning, saving and coordinating in order to improve the infrastructure of the city. With roads, there are actually three different jurisdictions that have responsibility for roads. The State of Michigan has responsibilities for the highways (such as M-59, I-75 and M-24). The Road Commission for [...]

Hospital Visit

Well, not as a patient. We had the honor to visit with Nancy Susick, President of Beaumont Hospital in Troy, MI. This was a part of their community outreach program to inform their communities of the programs and services that are provided by the Beaumont Hospital system. It was very neat to see the upgrades they [...]

Pot Holes

Talk about a hot topic. Nothing like a good old fashion cold and snowy winter to have a bumper crop of pot holes. Our crews are filling the holes with cold patch, but I think the worst is yet to come. No, I am not Chicken Little and calling out that the sky is falling [...]

Thinking Spring

  Okay, after last week’s post about the benefits of winter, why would I then post a thinking spring blog? Well now is the time that we do that in our organization. Our roads (all across the State) have taken a beating this winter. Guess what? When the frost leaves the ground we are going [...]

Funny what sticks

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger We had a wonderful start to the day at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The annual State of the Community breakfast and Community Expo was held there and sponsored by the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce. New Mayor Kevin McDaniel highlighted items such as fiscal responsibility and [...]

Heritage in the Hills

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger When I hear about services and activities such as book clubs, women’s social groups, men’s breakfast out, trips to the International Auto Show, computer club meetings and movie nights, I wonder what city or township offers all of this and much more?  Well, the answer is neither [...]

Marathons versus Sprints

In our world everyone loves a sprint. We pride ourselves with realizing that time is a commodity and remove as many obstacles as possible in so that people can build and/or rebuild areas of our community. Then at times it seems like we have been working on projects for a long time. One of which [...]

Year End Reviews

As the year winds down our department heads and myself meet to review our accountability sheets that spelled out the expectations for the year and see how we did. Likewise, I am preparing for the annual review of the city manager accountabilities that have been laid out by City Council. Every year we review the [...]


We had an interesting City Council Workshop last night as we laid out some of the items this City Council wants to workshop. The last City Council decided to meet in workshop format, before the first City Council meeting of the month, normally from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Workshops are in an informal setting where [...]

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