More on Roads

Part of my day today was doing a windshield survey of some of our roads. As mentioned on the blog before, we have many projects scheduled in 2014, 2015 and 2016. These have been planned and budgeted for to maximize other streams of revenue to stretch our road dollars. There have been many discussions about [...]

Jed Clampett

Now see if you can read this blog without humming “listen to a story bout a man named Jed.” I know this classic will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. For the past 4 to 5 months the city council has been exploring options with oil drilling companies looking around [...]

Are city manager’s against transparency?

  Yesterday some city manager’s testified in Lansing against the toil of what is called EVIP. For the last several years the Governor and legislature has attempted an experiment on providing your tax money back to your communities. There used to be 2 types of State Shared Revenue (SSR) that were to stream line and [...]

Every Day Thousands Die

I use to think words meant something. That when you string several together, a thought, or a point was made that people would know exactly what someone was talking about. If you read the title of this blog above, what would you think I was writing about? You see, I must be getting old because certain [...]

Knowing what you know

I remember one guy who said, “First day when you are in charge, fire someone. Show the people who is in charge.” Reminds me of a guy who wanted to show the plant floor there was a new guy in charge and he was going to separate the slackers from the workers.  He walked out [...]

Does not add up

I was asked the other day why I always misspeak when talking about the un-affordable health care act, dang I did it again. It is actually The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) 2010 HR3590, or Affordable Care Act (ACA) for short, is the new health care reform law in America and is often [...]

Year End Reviews

As the year winds down our department heads and myself meet to review our accountability sheets that spelled out the expectations for the year and see how we did. Likewise, I am preparing for the annual review of the city manager accountabilities that have been laid out by City Council. Every year we review the [...]

Thinking Too Much

Life has some funny twist to it. I often hear that the legislature is making too many laws, we can’t keep up with the thousand pages of legislation that gets tossed at us each year…let’s not forget the force multiplier of the regulations that follow the before mentioned laws. What do we really expect, we [...]


Yesterday we had another opportunity to testify on legislation being considered in Lansing. What was inspiring about this trip was some the businesses in Auburn Hills (13 of them) also went to testify before the Senate Committee on Education. Some of these companies, or people representing these companies, had never testified before. The issue was [...]

A Fine Line in Comparing Communities

Living in an active, vibrant region of the United States always keeps things in a stage of creative disruption.  We have some 60 communities in Oakland County, all are a little bit different but we are all communities that offer varying degrees of services. Many tangent and non tangent items make a community and, yes, [...]

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