Change of Seasons

Yes, Michigan is very fortunate to enjoy all five seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and construction… With each seasonal change we change with it. It could be clothing, food, activity or drive time but it does help us mark the time as it marches by and we continue to make progress year after year. I [...]

When Opportunity Knocks

Here is a different event you don’t see every day. Operation Success (a little military jargon for you). This is an event produced by the Oakland County Women’s Advisory Board after focus groups identified that female veterans were an unserved group in our county. You would think we had the collective resources to help, well [...]

Never too early to plan

    Now is the time, if you are sticking around on Memorial Day, to plan for the Memorial Day Parade organized by our local American Legion Post 143. So pencil on your calendar Monday, May 26th and be downtown prior to 11:00 AM Parade kick off. Afterwards the Legion is hosting a family fun [...]


We currently have two forms of art that you can enjoy. First, is music, tonight PSO Raquel Reyes has been invited to sing the national anthem at a Tiger game honoring law enforcement down at Comerica Park. Music can be a very inspiring form of art. We are proud of PSO Reyes’ effort and I know [...]

Pothole Pledge

Today our Mayor, Kevin McDaniel, signed the orange barrel as Channel 7’s Pothole Pledge. Channel 7 is reaching out to communities to commit to filling potholes within 3 days of receiving a phone call. Before we put the Mayor out there to sign such a pledge, I made a quick call to the DPW to [...]

Just a kid at heart

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger I recently had dinner with a few girlfriends. The conversation always starts off with quick updates on personal lives and family. Then, working for different municipalities, we tend to brag about what new and exciting programs and events are happening at work. If you would happen to [...]


One of the things we do is look at different ways to tell our story in Auburn Hills. It is not as easy as you might think, even with all the great things we have going on. I think one of the challenges is being negative and pointing out flaws is so much easier that [...]


Ever have one of those moments when you are back in time? Last night I did. I was invited to the Auburn Hills Boy’s and Girl’s Club to see their Leadership Awards ceremony. I was able to take two of my daughters and walk the halls of my childhood. So many memories. I remember walking [...]

Go for the Gold

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger Tomorrow, Saturday, March 22nd, Oakland University will be hosting a recruitment event, Go for the Gold, for high school students and their families.  Want to meet the OU faculty? They will be there! Tour the campus and learn about all that OU has to offer from the programs to [...]

It’s a bugs life

 By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger Wanted: Spring Bug Hunters! You just know it is the first day of spring when you are asked to help hunt for bugs. Friends of the Rouge need volunteers to help look for insects such as mayflies and stoneflies on April 12th. The number and type of [...]

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