Telling our story

  I have heard the complaint that we “brag” too much, it makes our competing neighbors feel uncomfortable. So we have tempered the way we tell the story, but we still enjoy getting feedback all the same. We take both the positive and negative feedback very seriously and, after a recent city council goals and [...]

Planning for a mess

I know I have touched on this before, but we want to keep an upcoming traffic issue in front of you. We just had a meeting with MDOT and the engineers this week about the University bridge project over I-75. The designs have to be finished up by the end of June so things have [...]

Change of Seasons

Yes, Michigan is very fortunate to enjoy all five seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and construction… With each seasonal change we change with it. It could be clothing, food, activity or drive time but it does help us mark the time as it marches by and we continue to make progress year after year. I [...]


We currently have two forms of art that you can enjoy. First, is music, tonight PSO Raquel Reyes has been invited to sing the national anthem at a Tiger game honoring law enforcement down at Comerica Park. Music can be a very inspiring form of art. We are proud of PSO Reyes’ effort and I know [...]

Pothole Pledge

Today our Mayor, Kevin McDaniel, signed the orange barrel as Channel 7’s Pothole Pledge. Channel 7 is reaching out to communities to commit to filling potholes within 3 days of receiving a phone call. Before we put the Mayor out there to sign such a pledge, I made a quick call to the DPW to [...]


One of the things we do is look at different ways to tell our story in Auburn Hills. It is not as easy as you might think, even with all the great things we have going on. I think one of the challenges is being negative and pointing out flaws is so much easier that [...]

On The Road Again

No, not traveling, but another blog about roads. We have been planning, saving and coordinating in order to improve the infrastructure of the city. With roads, there are actually three different jurisdictions that have responsibility for roads. The State of Michigan has responsibilities for the highways (such as M-59, I-75 and M-24). The Road Commission for [...]

Making a Splash in Auburn Hills

  Here we grow again. The Marines use to have a slogan “By land, by air and sea”…  well, I think we just added the sea to our resume in Auburn Hills as Great Lakes Crossing Outlets  gave us some great news over the weekend that SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium is coming to Auburn Hills. [...]

Jed Clampett

Now see if you can read this blog without humming “listen to a story bout a man named Jed.” I know this classic will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. For the past 4 to 5 months the city council has been exploring options with oil drilling companies looking around [...]

Are city manager’s against transparency?

  Yesterday some city manager’s testified in Lansing against the toil of what is called EVIP. For the last several years the Governor and legislature has attempted an experiment on providing your tax money back to your communities. There used to be 2 types of State Shared Revenue (SSR) that were to stream line and [...]

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