Telling our story

  I have heard the complaint that we “brag” too much, it makes our competing neighbors feel uncomfortable. So we have tempered the way we tell the story, but we still enjoy getting feedback all the same. We take both the positive and negative feedback very seriously and, after a recent city council goals and [...]

Executive Presence

Executive Presence Read an article that quoted a study by David Morrison, who has worked with professional local government managers for more than 40 years. He was intrigued by executive presence and its impact on successful outcomes in the public sector. It used a broad-brush question for senior executives in the public and private sectors [...]

Midnight Lunch

Just reading a bit on the book by Sarah Miller Caldicott about Edison’s Menlo Park crew. I have just the highlights here but I like how she put her four essential, yet intertwined elements of his (and might I say ours) successfully built team. Capacity, amalgam of people from different disciplines that allows collaboration to flourish. [...]

Planning for a mess

I know I have touched on this before, but we want to keep an upcoming traffic issue in front of you. We just had a meeting with MDOT and the engineers this week about the University bridge project over I-75. The designs have to be finished up by the end of June so things have [...]

Stop. Think.

Today I attempted to go into debt, but could not because of the Memorial Day Holiday. Really. I attempted to pay for my daughter’s braces during lunch, but the orthodontist office was unexpectedly closed. I called the number and the recording said due to the holiday weekend they were closed today. Okay, I get that [...]

Change of Seasons

Yes, Michigan is very fortunate to enjoy all five seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and construction… With each seasonal change we change with it. It could be clothing, food, activity or drive time but it does help us mark the time as it marches by and we continue to make progress year after year. I [...]

Management Philosophy

I have been asked by many, “What is your management philosophy?” In a nut shell, put people in places where they can succeed and get them the tools they need to thrive. Of course, there are probably about five different areas that play into the larger picture. First would be the famous Bo Schembechler, quote [...]

When Opportunity Knocks

Here is a different event you don’t see every day. Operation Success (a little military jargon for you). This is an event produced by the Oakland County Women’s Advisory Board after focus groups identified that female veterans were an unserved group in our county. You would think we had the collective resources to help, well [...]


While ironing this weekend I watched the movie Gladiator. Forgot what a good movie this was, how many story lines there were running through this tale of time.  The thing that hit me this time while watching was the lesson of leadership versus power. In case you forgot or had not seen the movie it [...]


People ask me how you learn about leadership. That is a good question. Some people believe leadership is a trait, you have it or you don’t. Other believe you can learn to be a leader. Could it be both? Maybe there are some traits that you are born with that allow you to exercise leadership [...]

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