Open Burning Public Service Announcement

The Department of Emergency Services, with the assistance of Jay Wiencko of CMN TV and Pat Greve of Waste Management, produced a public service announcement intended to be used on the city’s cable channel and through our social media. This announcement features Assistant Chief of Emergency Preparedness Randy Wyatt. He explains what is and what [...]

Talked about Chicks and other stuff

Last night at our city council meeting it dawned on me how unique we are. A hot topic on the agenda was how to regulate chicks within the city. Okay….  it was really about our chicken ordinance to allow folks to have up to six chickens (no rosters) as long as they pull a permit [...]

To burn or not to burn, that is the question

Ahh…, the fall season in Michigan. Temperature is changing, leaves are changing. We prepare and change out our wardrobes and even our menu begins to change. Yes even our household chores change. After the leaves begin to fall they must be disposed of and there are many different ways to do so. We, like most [...]

Really Talking Trash

No, I am not talking about by days playing ball (truth is I was not that good a talking trash on the court or field). Throughout our city’s history we have looked at moving to a one solid waste hauler for single family residential areas at least three times, but never really pulled the trigger [...]

Work into the evening

Tuesday night was a busy night around City Hall on our municipal campus. We had an interactive Board of Review session finishing up their annual process. Then the Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) had their monthly meeting. This is a very involved and informed group that is working on growing the city’s three TIFA district’s [...]

Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend and the Treasurer’s Office Too!!!

Guest Bloggers: Treasurer’s Office Many people strongly believe in the philosophy that their dog is truly their best friend. They talk to them, bring them everywhere, and love them like they would a child.  That is why it is so important to make sure that your beloved pet is kept healthy and licensed.  We know [...]

Why an Irrigation Ordinance?

At last night’s city council meeting the city council took the next step toward enacting a more strict water use ordinance for irrigation purposes.  Why would they do this? Over the past few years we have been working on restructuring the water rates in Auburn Hills to actually reflect the cost to the city for [...]

Yes, Even On the Weekend

Just about everyone knows that public safety employees work weekends. Police and Fire Departments have to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  People depend on and have come to expect these services in their community. Well, here is something you might not know.  Another City Department has been seen lurking around the [...]

Happy Super Fat Tuesday

Wow, that’s a mouthful. It seems rare to have Fat Tuesday combined with Super Tuesday of the Presidential Primary. You don’t have to be from Hamtramck, Polish or Catholic to enjoy those donuts on steroids called paczki. And you most certainly don’t have to be a politician to know most of your news coverage today [...]

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