Telling our story

  I have heard the complaint that we “brag” too much, it makes our competing neighbors feel uncomfortable. So we have tempered the way we tell the story, but we still enjoy getting feedback all the same. We take both the positive and negative feedback very seriously and, after a recent city council goals and [...]

Planning for a mess

I know I have touched on this before, but we want to keep an upcoming traffic issue in front of you. We just had a meeting with MDOT and the engineers this week about the University bridge project over I-75. The designs have to be finished up by the end of June so things have [...]

Management Philosophy

I have been asked by many, “What is your management philosophy?” In a nut shell, put people in places where they can succeed and get them the tools they need to thrive. Of course, there are probably about five different areas that play into the larger picture. First would be the famous Bo Schembechler, quote [...]

Never too early to plan

    Now is the time, if you are sticking around on Memorial Day, to plan for the Memorial Day Parade organized by our local American Legion Post 143. So pencil on your calendar Monday, May 26th and be downtown prior to 11:00 AM Parade kick off. Afterwards the Legion is hosting a family fun [...]


Home foreclosure is a tough topic to speak about. There is nothing joyful or uplifting about someone else’s financial challenges. During Michigan’s last decade we, in the City of Auburn Hills, were not immune from residents having financial issues. But we were/are different. The one thing our team did different then many communities was to [...]

Fleet Reduction

I like to say losing your sight is not the worst thing in the world, but losing your vision could be fatal to your organization. This is why we are driven to look forward, not just for tomorrow or next week, month or year. A continuous look forward that we keep evolving as we go [...]


One of the things we do is look at different ways to tell our story in Auburn Hills. It is not as easy as you might think, even with all the great things we have going on. I think one of the challenges is being negative and pointing out flaws is so much easier that [...]

On The Road Again

No, not traveling, but another blog about roads. We have been planning, saving and coordinating in order to improve the infrastructure of the city. With roads, there are actually three different jurisdictions that have responsibility for roads. The State of Michigan has responsibilities for the highways (such as M-59, I-75 and M-24). The Road Commission for [...]

Go for the Gold

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger Tomorrow, Saturday, March 22nd, Oakland University will be hosting a recruitment event, Go for the Gold, for high school students and their families.  Want to meet the OU faculty? They will be there! Tour the campus and learn about all that OU has to offer from the programs to [...]

It’s a bugs life

 By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger Wanted: Spring Bug Hunters! You just know it is the first day of spring when you are asked to help hunt for bugs. Friends of the Rouge need volunteers to help look for insects such as mayflies and stoneflies on April 12th. The number and type of [...]

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