More Year End Numbers

  I know the year is not over yet, but it looks like this ole blogger is not going to hit the goal of a million hits in the year. However, staff reminded me that it was still an accomplishment to be at 865,573 total hits compared to 495,735 hits at this time last year. [...]

Blog Junkies Only

Okay all you normal readers you can check out now. This blog is for those very few who pester me with questions about who reads, how often, is it worth the 10 to 15 minutes the blog takes me… Well, the journey will continue. I was just looking over the blog stats this morning and [...]

Technology is great when it works

You may have noticed no new post on this here blog for about a week. Well it is not that everything stopped in our city, but for the fact where our blog is hosted was shut down. Hope you missed us, we missed you. Sometimes it takes an incident where we miss something to understand [...]

Things you don’t want to hear

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger I enjoy the opportunity of blogging when the boss is out of the office. It gives me the chance to share news of events occurring in the City and if you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a very busy city. There are many great projects [...]

Under the Knife

Next week I will not be blogging as I go get some parts changed out. Ah, the cost of an active youth is I am wearing out parts quicker than the average bear (hey did you just do that in your Yogi voice?). The interesting thing is our staff is so excited to have me [...]

End of the World (as we know it)

You know, that could be a song… Well if you are reading this blog today that means the Mayan’s, or whoever was selling that crisis, was wrong. If you are not reading this, maybe they were right. Some folks ask me what I think of “doom and gloom”, or the latest “crisis”, it seems that [...]

Data Driven

A lot of what we do in Auburn Hills is data driven. I must say not all, we still understand the human element, but we do attempt to measure things we do to see if they are adding public value. Then the obvious question, should we continue doing what we do? I have been blogging [...]

Sorry for being an inactive blogger

It has been one of those weeks, with about two dozen items on my calendar, I have not found things to share. We have had plenty of neat things to talk about… Some examples: Micheal Lohmeier being the valedictorian of his Assessor Level IV class and soon to be recommended to become our Assessor of [...]

Social media: why do we use it?

Andrew Opalewski, Coordinator of Community Promotion and Guest Blogger It’s all the rage these days: Social media. It started with, well… email. It quickly grew into services like Geocities, AOL Instant Messenger, and Six Degrees (you’re probably astounded that I even remember those guys). In 2002, the first modern social media site, Friendster, was born. [...]

I would like to introduce you to the new blogger in the City: Steve Cohen

As the Director of Community Development, Mr. Cohen oversees an experienced team of professionals representing five integrated divisions: Planning and Zoning, Economic Development, Environmental Protection, Building Services, and Code Enforcement.  His team is known throughout the State of Michigan as a progressive, hard working group.  Mr. Cohen will be blogging about the world of Community Development.  [...]

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