Instead of waiting until next Monday, when it is dark outside, bring the kids trick-or-treating this Saturday, October 29th. Auburn Hill’s Downtown merchants will be handing out goodies from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.  So bring the kids dressed in costumes, for a frightfully good time! Be on the lookout for our Police, Fire and [...]

Can we learn from history?

This is an interesting question that is a little bit tricky. I remember, while obtaining my undergraduate degree, a professor asking me “Why do ask so many questions?” I don’t recall what my response was, but knowing myself back then I probably replied with something like “Why do you ask?” I guess I have always [...]

Local Auburn Hills Woman Rides on Dragster

I would not have made a good reporter with the above head line, but it is kind of true and is still a good story.  I received a note from a guy I went to Avondale High School with about how his sister was on the body of this dragster that goes from zero to three hundred [...]

Magic Formula

What if I told you there was a magic formula to improve your relationships. How much would you pay for that? Well, I don’t have a formula to sell you, but there was a study done confirming that everyone can improve relationships whether it’s at home, at work or in schools and here is the kicker, [...]


I heard a couple of stories recently about how one person can change history. I know there are people who don’t think it matters what they do, but much like the economy, each action creates some known consequences and some unknown consequences, but each action is something that can be built on. So here are [...]

Who does your Economic Development?

One of my peers asked me who does our economic development. Hmmm… the technical answer is in our Community Development Department we have Laurie Johnson as the Economic Development Coordinator.  But it is a little more complicated than that. Each and every employee is responsible for economic development in our city.  Ms. Johnson is the [...]

Make a Difference Day

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger Saturday, October 22nd is Make a Difference Day, the largest national day of helping others.  It takes place on the 4th Saturday in October each year. USA WEEKEND Magazine created the program and rallies millions in a single day to help change the world.  Make a Difference [...]

Consent of the Governed

Many a water cooler discussions seem to talk about the anti capitalist protest that are in some cities around the country. I had the opportunity to participate in a few over the past several days. Any study of people and group think interest me and I love hearing different perspectives. I don’t know all the [...]

I love this time of the year

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger The air is cooler and the colorful leaves are falling.  It feels refreshing to be outdoors in a comfy sweater.  Cider and donuts, roasting marshmallows and hayrides are popular this time of year.  Spending time with friends and family around a warm fire is a perfect way [...]

Climbing a water tower

Andrew Opalewski, Coordinator of Community Promotion and Guest Blogger The voicemail began with the statement, “Hey, Andrew, I’m not sure if this is something you would be interested in, but how would you feel about climbing inside of a water tower?”  I am beginning to think that the Department of Public Service has it out [...]

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