2011-2012 Pistons Opening Night

Ah, basketball season… For the early to middle part of the past decade this was a time to start planning a trip to the playoffs for my beloved Detroit Pistons.  As of late, however, the wheels seem to have fallen off the wagon.  Being the hopeful man that I am (I’ve managed to stay a [...]

Setting Resolutions

We are going into the last weekend of 2011 and it is that time of year to set my New Year’s resolution. No, not our city goals and objectives, or some of our assertive plans to continue to grow our organizations public value. No, I think it is a healthy thing for all of us [...]

Do you know anyone…

Okay, a weird request going out to all ye who read the blog. We seem to be having a reoccurring dilemma as we speak to the businesses in town. It might seem trivial, but I think we have to nip it in the bud soon before we get a reputation. For a few years now [...]

Winter break is upon us

Your children may be preoccupied now but what happens the day after Christmas? How are you going to keep your children from becoming bored and keep them entertained? The North Oakland Family YMCA, located at 3378 E. Walton Blvd. in Auburn Hills, will have Y School’s Out Camp from December 26th through December 30th.  Children ages [...]

Cool local event

  One of the things I like to brag about is things that are happening in our community. A lot of people miss some pretty cool events just because they never heard of it. Let’s face it, a lot of us don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want to do something [...]

Senior Services Winter Schedule

Have you seen the Winter 2011 issue of the Auburn Hills Review?  Would you like to challenge yourself to learn something new and interesting?  Winter registration for a variety of programs begins today!  Sign up early to reserve your spot in the class of your choice.  The variety of classes offered includes fitness classes, arts [...]

The Battle of the Bulge

No, not what is going on with my waist line….Sometimes I wonder if I am teaching my children what they need to know, you know like history and what happen before them, the internet, and FB. The Battle of the Bulge started today on December 16th 1944. Hitler ordered an attack against what were primarily [...]


What an Optimist Club meeting this morning! Not only the great breakfast provided by Henry Knight. No, not the great fellowship between people who really enjoy life, or the guess where the hat the Paul Goodmenson is wearing came from. It was our guest speaker. For those that are unaware how our meetings normally go, [...]

Because it does matter

Working in government is not always what you read about and often offers us inside the machine frustration that we get to keep to ourselves. There are times when our organization is rewarded for the little things we do everyday to be part of the bigger picture. This is why it is important for our [...]

Ride-along in the snow

The winter season gives us the opportunity to do things we can’t normally do during the summer, without traveling to a cold weather destination or visiting an ice rink. We get the chance to sled, play ice hockey, snow ski and ice skate. But that’s not all! How about riding in a plow truck during [...]

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