It’s not a destination


Tomorrow we expose another twenty-five employees to our Great Workplace Initiative. This is the natural progression in an entire series to keep our employees actively engaged. We continue Coffee & Conversations on a monthly basis to keep the lines of communication open. We have had four classes of Auburn Hills University graduate, where employees learn more about what others do in our organization. We have pushed towards the High Performance Organization (HPO) model, studying the history of the work force and continuously “rebuilding the airplane as we fly it”. Now we embark on the five dimensions of a Great Place to Work: Credibility, Respect, Fairness {which all drive towards trust}, Pride and Camaraderie.

It’s by chance that we coincide with the catholic start to the Lenten season. This starts today with Chunky Tuesday (my attempt at being politically correct). Starting tomorrow Catholics will give up something, stop doing something, or do something for 40 days in hopes of becoming a better person.

Of course, I am explaining this as a lay person’s explanation in an attempt to break things down as simple as possible. Some employees have asked, “When we are going to get there?” By this, I believe they think a great organization is a destination. To me it is more of a journey. It is a process of continued improvement and tweaking. It is a conscious effort of self and team improvement, to be actively engaged in life and in our organization.

As a father of four girls, I try to explain that when picking something to give up for 40 days, think of something that may be annoying or bothersome to others, then when you catch yourself doing it (because you will), stop. It actually can be like a game and it can change behaviors.

So tomorrow we continue our journey from a good organization to a great organization by being actively engaged and starting more positive habits and maybe even losing some bad habits.

By the way, I am giving up yodeling, playing the ukulele and riding unicycles….

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