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business journey

In the last week, I have had the privilege of visiting with several of our businesses in Auburn Hills.  I am continually amazed at what makes the world go round.

The skill and precision that some of our industrial suppliers use is truly remarkable. They are building things that have a life time of 35 years but will be changed out several times due to rapid changing technologies.

Our entertainment facilities are tops in the world, and to see what they are working on in the near future is darn right exciting.

One of the most common threads between the different companies is the need for employees, this is great to hear and I now feel that I am repeating myself.

Including tonight, we will have participated in three ribbon cuttings in the last week or so. We continue to listen to the employment base on what we can do to be more attractive, what processes aren’t responsive enough, or what other companies would it help them to have these companies in closer proximity to their facility.  What we do is not always complicated, it’s about the relationships. This is why we make a concerted effort on business retention and recruitment.

It is also great to see our city staff interact with these companies and realize that success of our organization is not a specific destination but a continuing journey.

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