Never tired

One thing I never get tired of is promoting some of our finest employees. Sometimes, as the boss, I don’t get to see everyone in action. Once in a while I get to hear about the little things that someone said or did that makes a difference in life.

Today was such a day. Our police department received a flower arrangement and thank you note from a grateful parent.  She wanted us to know how much she appreciated the efforts of unknown members of our police department for their help with her unnamed daughter. With the flowers was a nice note (retyped below). She also enclosed a copy of her daughter’s grade report so that we could see how much she has improved.

As a former Police Officer, I know it is hard to tell when you make an impact. There are many times when an officer takes extra time in hopes of having further impact than just the time on a dispatched call. Sometimes it comes in the form of comfort, other times confrontation or another, just facilitating conversation.

It’s kind of nice that the mother did not mention the officer’s or the child’s name. This way all the officers can think back and wonder if it was one of their cases. The accompanied report card goes from failing grades to honor roll status.

To the Auburn Hills Police Department,

You all get so many different calls every shift for different reasons.  The one you may say “crap, another family dispute” is the one I speak of.  You were here many times and it takes a village to raise a child that is true.  My honor roll child was out of control and I believe everyone that thought she was worth it and took the time to speak with her has to know they helped one child. Mine.  I do my best and work hard but back up is nice.

Thank you members of the Auburn Hills Team, way to be impactful.


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