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Karen Adcock, Senior Services Director and Guest Blogger,


Most every household has smoke detectors and like most things, we take them for granted until there is that annoying little chirp that tells us the battery is low or we might have cooked something that is smoky or in the worst scenario there is an indication of a fire.

For most people who have no hearing problems or are not hard sleepers, you know the ones who would sleep through if a freight train drove right through their bedroom, these standard smoke detectors are fine. But what if you or someone you know is hard of hearing, deaf or is one of those hard sleepers? What would happen to them if they can’t hear the standard smoke detector? 

There are smoke detectors that are specifically designed for people who have hearing problems. These units are expensive and you can’t pick them up at your local hardware store like the other ones.  But thanks to the Auburn Hills Fire Department this one problem that is partially solved for our residents. 

Recently, the Fire Department received a grant to purchase 75 specially designed smoke detectors for hearing impaired and deaf residents.  The Fire Department teamed up the Senor Services Department and SHARP (Senor Home Assistance Repair Program) to install these units. Other features of these units include a 10 battery, and they can also be used for an alarm clock.  The unit includes a ceiling mount detector, a dresser/nightstand unit and an adapter that slips under the pillow and vibrates when it detects smoke.

While the initial target audience is seniors age 60 and up, residents who are disabled, hard of hearing or deaf (regardless of age) can apply for a unit. 

There is no cost to obtain a unit.  Residents who are interested may request an application by calling the City of Auburn Hills Community Center at 248-370-9353. Or stop by the center during normal business hours.  There are a limited number of units available and it is a first come, first served basis.

While this unit does not alert the Fire Department if there is a problem, it will alert you so you can safely exit your home in case of an emergency. Smoke detectors can, and have been proven to, save lives. 

For more information about the Hard of Hearing Smoke Detector program or other programs and services offered through the Senior Services Department call 248-370-9353.

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