Dislike being simple

Sorry, I am out of town with 2,500 city managers for our international annual meeting. Part of being a certified credentialed city manager requires completing 40 hours of class room education per year to maintain our certification.

Two sessions on Sunday kept my faith that there are people that want to do the right thing.

Great news for our community, a lot of communities would love to have our team. Sorry, they are not for sale…People always look at me like I am crazy, but my future is always in the hands of the people who work with me.

City manager’s across the globe say they would love to do what we do, but they have a family to feed…well that’s why they need to allow people to make decisions at the lowest possible level as we can.

Trust me, our team does not always love the decisions that come out of our office, but I believe they know that those decisions are made for the right reasons at the right time.

So, as I sharpen my saw, get better at my job, I know that everyone in our organization is doing the same every day.

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