Hearing Sunrise

Yes, today is the day that you can hear the sunrise in Michigan. It is also the largest armed invasion as 700,000 armed folks invade the northern woods of Michigan on opening day of rifle dear season.

(As a side note, this is not why we have a second amendment added to the Constitution of the United States.)

Many family traditions revolve around the annual dear season and many legends are created at “Dear Camp”.

For those not in Michigan, this is almost a state holiday and many workforces are down to skeleton staffs during this time of year. Employees do jockey for taking time off depending on their arrangements with their employer and other employees.  Some family’s count on the hunt for their winter food while others donate to food shelters to help feed those that normally go without.

Whatever the reason for the hunt; family, tradition, time in the woods… it is an economic engine for some of these small northern communities. We wish all a good and safe hunt, and I can’t wait to hear some of the stories.


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