Short but Big week

Don’t look now but we are about to head into the holiday season with more events and gatherings than can be fit on the calendar.

It is a busy season, but I love it.

It is a three day work week, but one of my favorite. People who know me know my love of food. As I get more experienced in life, it shows more. Thanksgiving is a great time to visit with family and yell at the TV (a Detroit tradition).

Then this is the week of “The Game“, and hope it is a good one as Michigan visits that school from the south. Go Blue! (I heard even Sparty secretly sings the Victors Fight song this weekend).

Sometime this weekend we start the Christmas decorating and I get to listen to some of my favorite music. Hey, and that means shopping, have you ever thought about what the local impact is for shopping local? We have a great shopping district in Auburn Hills and I can’t wait to start shopping about December 22nd or so.

With a shorter work week we have to be more efficient. Please don’t forget about those who have professions that do not always get time off because we need them 24/7. Keep them in your thoughts, prayers and good wishes and we enjoy this time of renewal of being thankful for everything we have.

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