Through the fog

I had to drive and check on a project today around noon. A heavy fog still lingered, odd for how late in the day it was.

As I adjusted my driving skills to fit the foggy condition it reminded me of things that happen in and around us at the state or federal level. Sometimes the fog, as in weather, and the fog of the ever-changing political environment we live in are very similar.

The fog on the road has us slowing down and utilizing all observational powers.

The fog of the new rules, regulations, and top down laws, with what seems like no regards for the unintended consequences, also has us slowing down and looking for signs of what is over the next crest. We reflectively hesitate on items as we wait for the headlights coming the other way.

Stability is a major factor in all organizations and when people are unsure they can’t see far out in front of where they are going. This is a good reminder to keep the communication going, the fog horn if you will, to show people where the dangers are so they can continue the journey, even if advancing with caution. Ever advancing, even with caution.

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