Learn to embrace conflict

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger

Even as I type those words, the concept seems a bit silly to me.  But this is something I hope to work on in 2013. I guess I could call it one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

I don’t want to invite chaos and conflict into my life but let’s face it, there are many sources of conflict that come into our lives and we have no control whatsoever over it. So why not embrace the learning experience of it. Experiencing conflict helps us to overcome adversity.

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Joshua J. Marine

Since we can’t avoid the bumps in the road, embracing them for the lessons we can learn will make the journey more enjoyable.  A while back “a friend of mine” experienced a conflict. What seemed like a helpless solution turned out to be a great life lesson. Needs versus wants became clearer. Lessons of prioritizing and communicating were forced upon me, I mean “my friend”. Ok, it was me. What seemed like a doomed situation was not. Perception is a funny thing. Emotions have a big influence on our perception. Once I faced the problem head on, let go of the emotions and did what I needed to do (not wanted to do), the situation began to change for the better.

I am just beginning to be fully thankful for that experience, but I know it is important to appreciate the lessons learned and the rewards that followed, and will continue to come. I don’t wish conflict on people but it is important to experience it on many levels, to shape our character and grow. Instead of asking “Why me?” Try asking “Why not me?” I stole that from Andy Andrews, a motivational speaker and bestselling author.  It helps with the embracing part of embracing conflict.

Whether at work or in everyday life, conflict will come along. Get ready to embrace it!

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