Data Driven

A lot of what we do in Auburn Hills is data driven. I must say not all, we still understand the human element, but we do attempt to measure things we do to see if they are adding public value. Then the obvious question, should we continue doing what we do?

I have been blogging since about June of 2005. So for the past 7 years people have had the opportunity to see the human side of the faceless bureaucrat. Yes, I have received some feedback, and I do like to hear what you like to hear about. So many people have no concept of what goes on in a community (October 20, 2011 blog), what our employees actually do, how many volunteers (May 17, 2012 blog) it takes to run a community or even some of the regulations that we have to comply with. Hopefully some have gained some insight here.

As we are clearing things off of the 2012 slate and gearing up for 2013 I thought I’d share some of your numbers with you with almost a full year of data.

The city manager blog had 535,539 hits this year. The slow hit months were June and January with only about 26,000 hits each. Hmmm…maybe I should see what I wrote about and the commonality of those topics in those 2 months. But then again, maybe you were all too busy in those months to check in. Highest month was November with about 79,000 hits.

Most days we get about 200 visits with most daily visits happening in November, where we had 424 visits.

I must publicly thank Karrie Marsh from my office for her thoughtful guest blogs in my absence or when she tracks down other team members for the days when I do not get a chance to blog. All in all, it looks like people still use this as a tool to gain information, so it looks like the task will continue into 2013.

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