End of the World (as we know it)

You know, that could be a song

Well if you are reading this blog today that means the Mayan’s, or whoever was selling that crisis, was wrong. If you are not reading this, maybe they were right.

Some folks ask me what I think of “doom and gloom”, or the latest “crisis”, it seems that the pace and quantities of these so called “events” has picked up. Is it the technology? Everyone being connected to the entire world 24/7?

Don’t know. When I started work this morning we did not have internet access, my first thought was “The Mayan’s were right, the world is ending.” Come on, it’s just the internet.

This brings me to another conversation I was having with some folks about the “Wimpification” of our society. Now you know I am right, you know I just offend a group of people with that new word (but which group, the wimps or the ifications? Hmmm….).  It seems like there are those who want us to go through life afraid of something or another. Seems like a lot of unneeded anxiety to me. Now I haven’t been on this earth that long (in the big scheme), but I remember the doom and gloom of the next ice age, impending nuclear war, Y2K, Global Warming, Climate Change, and now the Mayan calendar…don’t fret, bound to be another one coming to your area soon.

We now call bad weather a “disaster” that needs Federal response, and close schools systems down from anxiety.  Just maybe we have had it too good for too long.

OK, I’ll put my soap box away until 2013, but as requested, I touched on a few issues that people have expressed, after all if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything (hey, maybe another song).

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