Time Marches On

As we start winding down 2012 and moving forward into 2013, I like to plan things that I would like to strive to achieve to move forward or add value in several aspect of my life. You know, conscious decisions. I like to control my own destiny as much as possible, and one of the things we push throughout the organization is to control what we can control.

I try to put an effort forward every year, a refocus if you will. In my humble opinion, life is about balance and sometimes it can be easy to get out of balance. You can see this in all aspects of life. The recalibrating could be a great tool for organizations as well as individuals. I could be wrong, I am the first to admit that I am an amateur in this life, I never lived it before.

If we all keep improving and modifying our skill set we would be better off. Jim Rohn once said something like:

“Life only comes from labor, and that should be a lasting lesson. Life’s journey should not just be unproductive labor though. Labor should be planned and productive”.

You can chop down a tree with a hammer, but it might take you all month, it would probably be beneficial to use an axe, a saw, or a chain saw. Ah…purposeful labor. Educated choices that focus on outcomes.  Must mean I will have to put my New Year’s resolutions together soon.

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