Happy New Year!

This will probably be the last post of 2012. I want to thank you personally for continuing to visit and read some things that are going on in and around our community. I enjoy the emails and comments you send, and love when you “catch” our employees doing things right.

Maybe that could be one of our resolutions for 2013. Wonder what would happen if every week we complimented someone who did a good job and go one step further and tell their boss? I know normally we have to be mad in order to contact someone and blow off steam, why not the opposite, let’s reward the behavior we like.

My lovely bride trains and competes with dogs (yes she is still working on teaching this old dog some new tricks). Her training is solely based on positive reinforcement; reward the behavior you want to see, sometimes it is just one step of the entire picture you want to see, but eventually you will get the entire routine down (I have seen this).

Yes, I know that there is time for disciplinary action and the need to point out things we don’t like or could improve on, but hey, we do a lot of things right and I would love to pass on those good things too.

So as we jump into 2013 take a breath and make a conscious effort to thank someone, open a door for them, let someone merge in front of you, notice when some kids are behaving in a restaurant and compliment the parents. I think you get the idea. Just once a week, anyone up for the task?

P.s. Go Blue!

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