Accountability Reviews


Closing out 2012 is a process we instating with our Department Heads called Accountability Reviews. This is based on a similar process that I go through annually with our elected city council.

We like this process because it is not a report card type of review. There is a column for what they are accountable for (e.g. Exercise Leadership, Departmental Finances etc…). The next column is percent of time they anticipate spending in this category followed by what level of priority. The third category is what we will measure to see if they have met what we are looking for. This is followed by three check boxes (yes, no, N/A ). There is also a comment section to explain the results.

It is simpler than the preceding paragraph makes it seem and I enjoy the conversations with the staff. We then look forward to the next year and what should change. There are always side conversations about other areas to improve operations, communication, or just how to add value to our organization. This does take time to do, but it is refreshing to have a team that all want to continue to grow and move forward to improve the organization.

Next week will be our first full week back after the holidays and I look forward to reaching or pushing forward.

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