Auto Show Time

Right on schedule for this time of year, Southeast Michigan is gearing up (pun intended) for the North American International Auto Show. There are many firms in our community that are excited about the improvements in their industry and this is always a great time to strut their stuff.

I mentioned before, I think it was that almost 70% of the things made in Michigan are not the product, but a part of a lot larger product. In Auburn Hills we have a lot of those manufactures. In fact, dbusiness magazine just came out with the largest 25 Tier One global auto suppliers and we have 6 of the top 25 Headquarters (World or North American) in Auburn Hills. There are also 3 more that have facilities in our neighborhood.

So it is exciting for those companies, and the smaller companies, to see their future product line on display for the world.  If you haven’t been down to the auto show lately it is back, and a neat experience.

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