Modern Industrial City

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do an interview for CNN through Comcast down at the North American International Auto Show. I really don’t know if it will air, or what parts will air, but it was a chance to tell a little of our story.

People seemed to be amazed that we don’t shy away from the fact that we are an industrial city, must be because of the stereotypes of smoke stacks and the dirt and grime. In fact it is quite different. The modern factories (where things are built) are clean and attractive buildings. Remember 75% of things manufactured are not the final product. From 2010 to 2012, Michigan added 57,000 manufacturing jobs. One of the largest concerns we hear from businesses in Auburn Hills, is the cry out for employees.

We are currently looking at ways to get into the high schools to reach students who might not want to go to college or universities, or cannot afford to go, or do not want to rack up that debt for an unknown future, and get them into these good jobs where they can learn a skill(s) and build things. This does not mean they can’t or won’t continue further education, but it’s another path. Some companies pay for their employees to go back to school.

What also comes with building things are ideas. This is why we probably have as many research and development jobs in Auburn Hills as we do industrial jobs. There are 65,000 engineers in Michigan, a higher concentration than anywhere else in the United States.

Yes, building things still matters and that leads to improving and modifying things we build and all in all advancing society. As my staff gets tired of hearing from me, leave it better than we received it.

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