The Adventure, The Journey

I like life’s journey and everyone experiences a little bit different adventure in their own journey through life. Recently, one of the boards that I have the honor of sitting on lost our chairman. I should say he lost his six year battle with cancer. Maybe lost is the wrong word, it seems so negative for a guy who was so positive. Maybe, just maybe, his victory was how he lived and how he showed us how to live.

He never wore his fight of the cancer that his body was fighting on his sleeve. In fact, many who knew him probably did not know his challenges and daily battles.

How many times in life do we compare our life to what we think others lives are? Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge, to apply a bumper sticker to someone else’s journey. There are times like this when we search for answers. Just maybe we don’t have to know all the answers, patience, the answers may come when we least expect it.

If someone doesn’t answer you, or seems distracted, maybe they are. Enjoy each day, each breath and each relationship for you are not only on your journey but probably a major part of someone else’s adventure.

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