Valentine’s Day is coming

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger

I absolutely love the Auburn Hills Public Library. I brag that Auburn Hills has the best library that I have ever seen to anyone that will listen. The staff is friendly and very courteous. In front of the fireplace is a great spot to get warm and cozy and let your mind get lost in a good book. I probably visit it less than once a month but that will change this year. I intend to visit more, read more books and get familiar with the many programs that they have to offer.

I was reading the Auburn Hills Public Library Newsletter and just found out that the Teen Group is meeting on Friday, February 8th from 5:45pm-9:00pm to prepare for Valentine’s Day. What’s that mean? Are they making plans for a Valentine’s Day party? Making chocolate treats to share with their friends? Or maybe cutting out a lot of different size hearts to hang from colorful string in their rooms? (What teenage girl hasn’t done that? I hope not just me! And, yes, maybe I still do that, with my nieces of course.)

Turns out they are making Valentine’s Day cards and delivering them to nursing home residents. While they are there, they will join in a few games of Bingo. After contributing to the community and giving of their time and talent, they will enjoy a nice dinner at a local restaurant. What a great service.

I need to place a call to Stephanie McCoy, Library Director, and beg her to let me pretend to be a teen again that night so I can join in on the fun! If you’re a teen and you’re interested in joining, call 248-364-6712 or email to register.

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