Auburn Hills is growing

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger


Auburn Hills is growing.

There is an old saying , “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”   That pertains to everything from personal relationships to communities to organizations … and the list goes on.

The City of Auburn Hills is definitely growing.  Our events such as Summerfest, Paddlepalooza and the Tree Lighting Ceremony, to name a few, have always had great turnouts.  I have noticed each year the number of people attending is growing rapidly.  It amazes me at how many events our City holds throughout the year, how many meetings are held to plan ahead, and how many businesses are coming to Auburn Hills or expanding in Auburn Hills.

Sometimes I wonder how we all keep up with the facts and figures of the growth.  For those that think they know the City of Auburn Hills well, let’s see if you can answer the following questions:

  • Where does Auburn Hills rank in terms of industrial employment in the State of Michigan?
  • Which company in Auburn Hills has the largest office building in the U.S (besides the Pentagon)?
  • Time is a commodity for new businesses coming to Auburn Hills. The average amount of days it takes to get through the government process is 45. Which company only took 27 days?
  • What is the biggest challenge a business faces in Auburn Hills?

Think you know all of the answers?

To find out, view this interview where City Manager Peter Auger joins host Laurel Hess for Comcast Newsmakers at the North American International Auto Show which recently took place. The interview is scheduled to air the week of February 11th through February 17th as well.

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