Meals on Wheels

By Karrie Marsh, Executive Assistant and Guest Blogger


I got to fill in for the boss and deliver Meals on Wheels today. I was happy to do so because I am familiar with his route and I especially enjoy the group of seniors that we get the pleasure of delivering meals to.

This group of seniors is pretty spunky and always happy. I get to see a group that exercises hard to stay healthy. I get to encounter a few cute pets. I even receive a quick prayer and blessing by the cutest couple (and my favorite too). Well, he says the prayer and she stands close behind him peering over his shoulder. She never says anything, just smiles.

I remember the first time I delivered Meals on Wheels.  I was told how important the interaction with the seniors really is. For some, seeing the person who delivers the meal may be the only personal interaction they have that day. I imagined what that must be like, so I try to make small talk and try to get them to smile. The best part of providing this service is the fact that they make me smile.

Today was a little different. As I approached my favorite couple that I mentioned earlier, I noticed that just his name was on the list. When he opened the door, he greeted me in somewhat the same manner he usually does but his energy level seemed low. I asked where his pretty wife was. She passed away last month. He gave me a memorial card with her picture on it and commented that they were married for 59 years and he misses her. Then he tried to energetically wish me well, gave me a blessing and a quick prayer. I left, feeling like a truck ran over me. But I was working, no time for emotions now. As I tried to hold them in, I started thinking that this is a sad event but had I never met the couple or had the chance to see her smile, I would be missing out on so much more. I have shared stories about them with others and even had a cousin and a nephew deliver meals with me to them. They have touched lives, in a matter of minutes, just by being the sweetest people.

I can’t wait to visit him again,  just to say hello and hand him a warm meal.

This volunteer service is about much more than providing a good meal. It lets people know that they are thought of and cared about. If you are looking for a volunteer position that will make others happy and at the same time make you feel good, this is it. The Community Center can always use volunteers and they can be reached at 248-370-9353.

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