Political Correctness (PC)


Uh oh, looks like the faceless bureaucrat has pulled out the old soap box…those who despise these rants might want to pull their small children away from the screen.

This boils from when I was reading where U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, representing the 2nd Congressional District, didn’t like the inaccuracies in the way Connecticut Congressmen were portrayed in the movie Lincoln. This portion of the film dealt with the Connecticut congressional vote on the 13th Amendment to end slavery.

According to the movie Lincoln, two Connecticut representatives voted against the 13th amendment that would ban slavery and one voted to ratify it in the film. A simple check of the Congressional records for the Jan. 31, 1865 vote verifies that all four of Connecticut’s representatives: Augustus Brandegee of New London, James English of New Haven, Henry Deming of Colchester and John Henry Hubbard of Salisbury, actually all voted in favor of passing the amendment.

What’s the big deal? It’s just a movie, right? I guess I am getting to be the old guy but I think facts matter. This didn’t happen too many years ago, we didn’t need to interpret the language, or guess how people voted so there has to be more. Enter PC.

We don’t want to offend those who were on the wrong side of history so we just change some words and some people feel better. But if that’s the case, didn’t we just offend a bunch of other folks (how about the folks from Connecticut?). I can imagine someone saying, “Oh Pete, don’t make a big deal of this, it’s a good movie by all accounts”.

Who gets to pick the winners or losers? When do we get to insert reality and who is allowed to speak up when people are masquerading a false reality. If reality contradicts that what is being hoisted as truth, logic must dictate that reality must be forbidden.

How long until reality hits? Ayan Rand once said, “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequence of ignoring reality”.

I know some say that all of history is determined by ownership of means of production. Others say that all history is determined by power, by which survives by groups that are put against other groups.

We see it in our political landscape today; this group is good, this group is bad. These groups are determined to be “victims,” and therefore automatically good regardless of what any of them do. Similarly, this group is determined automatically to be evil.

I always find it interesting those challenging tolerance are intolerant for anything coming from people who think otherwise and total tolerance for anything coming from people who they support.

It comes down to a word that makes people uncomfortable, Morality. I was pleased to see our President have Dr. Benjamin Carson speak at the National Prayer Breakfast. He spoke on Morality, there is hope we can get back to it and get away from PC.

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