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Someone inquired on how we get our employees to be so innovative. It took me awhile to answer this, mostly because I don’t see us being as innovative as “outsiders” might view us.

I say this because we don’t invent a lot of tools, policies or processes. We do have an open eye for what works, what makes us more efficient, and what can help our bottom line.

We don’t have to be more innovative than our competition we just have to learn how to implement what works. Does that sound too simple? Maybe.

Predicting what impending changes in our environment are going to be is not always 100%, but you may be surprised at how often you can hit the mark by maintaining that disciplined steady march. It’s not that we are more innovative, maybe it is keeping the right culture where we are always looking to improve. Our teams keep their eyes open to what’s working and then exploit those situations. We didn’t invent the wing plow, but we are implementing to improve plow efficiencies by a third. The same thing with the Salt Brine/Beat Juice applications and the results are equally impressive. Finding those issues that we have knowledge on and looking at ways that make sense on tweaking.

Oh yes, there are areas we would love to work on changing, or maybe some ask us to change quicker, but then again, it is that constant steady improvement pace that pays off in the long run with larger dividends than the flash in the pan fads that others may get caught up in.

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