“Stupid is as Stupid does”


Who would have ever thought you would read a quote from Forrest Gump on this here blog! Sometimes life is more interesting than the movies. Every once in awhile, life is stranger than in the movies and no one would believe it if it was in a movie.

Would you believe this if it was in a movie?

An organization that is run by a group of citizens, elected to their positions to set policies and be financially responsible for the organization’s funds and to ensure expenditures occur at or under the revenues it receives.

The organization has employees that chartered, as a not-for-profit membership association, an organization to serve their own health care needs of said employees. Then this elected group decides not to pay the almost $8 million in premiums therefore defaulting on their contractual agreement. Then this nonprofit group associated with said employees sues the political group and they agree to a consent judgment where the political group has other organizations bill people for the unpaid $8 million.

To add to this soiled plot, the political subdivision does not inform anyone in the billing organization or anyone who will have to pay this bill as to what is happening.

Just to put a little twist to this implausible plot, an elected judge signs off on the entire back room deal where the people who misspent, didn’t prioritize correctly, or didn’t pay attention, have no culpability for their actions.

Yes, the above mess is happening and it is truly frustrating that there are ways to protect a special class of people, but not the people who end up footing the bill. There use to be a process called bankruptcy for organizations to go through to pay off the debt they obtained and can’t pay off, or in worse case scenarios to liquidate assets, dissolve the organization and split up what is left to who they owe in a prescribed order.

Ah yes, “but momma always said, life is like a box of chocolates.”

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