Ann Arbor Day

Gov Innovation

No, it has not been declared a day to celebrate Ann Arbor (that might have been Sunday, Go Blue!), but today I will be in the City of Ann Arbor at a Governing Innovation Workshop. This old dog is still “sharpening the saw”, this is where you say, “Pete you are pretty dull.”

We are looking at what we do every day and how we can improve our system, our platform and our performance, all while maintaining our bottom line.

Sometimes we learn little items from this type of workshop and sometimes we find things that unlock bigger things.

We, as an organization, are always looking to build on the energy that our community has. We consider how we can continue to use that momentum to create and be more than we currently are. We will look and see what other complex organizations have done, maybe what some other communities have tried, are thinking about doing, or somewhere in the process of doing. 

As our community continues to grow we cannot rest on our laurels and have to look for improvements that we can do today that will lead to a better organization 5 and 10 years from now. So it’s out of the office today with thoughts of improving tomorrow.

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